Start making something

Get your own app in your hands today, simply by connecting building blocks.
No coding required.

Or do you code? Program new blocks in javascript for you and others to use.
Tinkerspace is all about collaborating and exploring. Everything is free.

What is Tinkerspace all about?

Build by connecting community created blocks to create your own custom app in minutes.

Easy and intuitive to use

With our simplistic interface you will become a builder in no time. Just drag blocks together and create your own apps in minutes. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Preview your app

While building it's possible to test and preview your app during construction.

Platform independent

Tinkerspace generates apps that can run in your phones browser, so you don't have to worry about what kind of phone you have. You can even save them to your homescreen so that they look like any other app you have.


Tinkerspace gives you the superpowers needed to put your own app in your hands in a matter of minutes

Play – dont' code

Focus on creating, not coding. We want to empower you to play around with digital building blocks and see the results instantly. Think small and tailor made. For you, your friends or just for tonights party

Put a block idea in the idea box

Can't find that killer block for your killer app? Put it in the idea box and let the community build it for you!


Tinkerspace will give you the oppertunity to complete challenges from the idea box, or start building your own blocks using javascript to use in your own apps.

Write blocks using javascript

Write your own blocks in the block editor. Each block has inputs and outputs which are used to pass data and signals around the web app.

Publish your blocks for the community to use in their apps

What should you build? Take a look in the idea box and build something for builders in need.

Collaborate & Create.

Tinkerspace is different from other services in the sense that the toolbox of blocks to build from is always growing and improved on by the community!

Play around, remix other peoples work, discuss in the forums. Explore the possibilities together!